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Worker Benefits

We established our business by fulfilling the compliance requirements of the safe and healthy workplace, No Child Labor and Forced Labor, working hours and overtime with fair wages by following all the local laws and regulation. Moreover, we are planning towards green factory by 2020. We are the first in the industry to provide free healthcare, free schooling for children and micro-savings program to our workers by providing the most competitive price in the market.

We are Socially Profitable Garments Manufacture, therefore we believe in changing our society for good by offering the following services.

Health Care

Our workers have the access to the ultra-modern health care facility. The service is known as a place of excellence in the general health care. The facility can do general blood work, ultrasound, ECG and minor surgery, With a vision to get to the root cause of sickness, and our mission to provide the best healthcare without hampering workers finance. We are capable of readily available and prompt diagnostic services.


We believe in education for our future generation. We do not prioritize child workers but promote education and care for the children. We look forward to seeing the future of Bangladesh for Industrial revolution but in order to do so, we need an educated workforce. Therefore, we promote education for our worker is children and facilitate the education up to 5th grade.

Micro Savings Program

We follow the minimum wage for compliance but the problem is often not just the income, but an unpredictable one. It is more complicated if there is nowhere to store money safely. In an emergency, the choice for the great mass of the unbanked workers is limited


The factory is well equipped with all modern facilities to create a healthy environment for the employees. A professional but friendly relationship is being maintained between management, staffs, and workers which is a symbol of unity of strength of our organization. Like other export-oriented garments, we provide food connivance every day. Currently, we have dining space available for our employees. In near future, we plan to start a full-time canteen with subsidized prices. Moreover, special care is being taken in respect of workers welfare, socio-economic development through micro-finance. Moreover, school facilities are given to the children of the workers.


Worker Insurance

All our employees are insured by Bangladesh Garments Manufacturing and Export Association.

Evacuation Plan

There are some diagrams kept in the floors of the factory showing direction for all employees to run out in case of any emergency situations.

Emergency Exits

We have two emergency exits in all the floors for use by the workers in case of any emergency in the factory.

Pure Drinking Water

Pure Drinking water is the basic need for all human need. Our Pure Drinking water system is a product of USA, with a capacity of 5,000 gallons a day to provide unlimited pure drinking for every single worker.

Dining Area

Our dining area includes cafeteria for our employees use for breaks and lunch. Our goal is to provide best dining area for our works, for them it is the place to be for dining.

Fire Drills

We have Fire Fighting Equipment in the factory as per Factory Act and in order to use them effectively as and when required, we have a Fire Fighting Team who are specially trained to deal with any fire emergency. We have an arrangement for Fire Drills on regular basis i.e.; one every month so that the team can perform their duty effectively when required.

First Aid Boxes

For every 150 workers, we have 04 (Four) trained persons in First Aid and Medicare although we have healthcare facility on sight. Fully equipped first aid boxes are located in all the working areas in easy access to anybody and are marked on the boxes as well as on the floor plan located at the common area. We keep certain of medicine of different types in a First Aid Box in each floor for employees to use as First Aid.

Smoke Detector & Emergency Alarm

Adequate numbers of Auto detectors are located in every department for detecting smoke and alarming the danger. Each of them has its own maintenance records to make sure they are a proper working condition. Every floor is equipped with emergency alarms to switch and floor indicating lights are located at common places and marked for easy identification.

Back- Up Power

In addition to general power supply alternative backup, the soundless generator is available to use in case of power failure as well as for emergencies. This located at service room under all safety measures and regular checks are being made to make sure it is in order for emergency use.

Suggestions or Complain Boxes

Employees may have their own suggestion or complaint against any activities or individual in the company. We Grasp believe this information can play a major role in the success of the company and therefore the company has provided suggestions and complaints boxes with lock and key under maximum guaranteed confidence in all the factory floors. In order to get more feedback, we do random surveys to get a deeper feedback from our employees.

Information Technology

We are introducing state of art fingerprint attendance and payroll system with ERP. Our new ERP is integrated with bar code system which inculcates operator wise production instantly to reduce downtime and increase productivity.



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